Urinary Tract Infection Testing

Our test accurately detects a wider range of microorganisms than standard urinary tract infection tests.

Finally: Hope and Answers for Chronic UTIs

If you are suffering from chronic pain and discomfort, there is hope. At Soft Cell Labs, we provide the first step toward healing through the fastest and most accurate urinary tract microbiome (UTM) testing available. Empowered with the answers you have been seeking, you and your doctor can identify the treatment that will finally bring you relief.

“I have had a complex medical history since 2010, when I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer that required surgery and six years of chemotherapy.  The chemo damaged my lungs—and probably other organs—and I have suffered periodic bouts of pneumonia almost annually.  In 2020, I contracted COVID, which turned into Long COVID that lasted several months.  I also suffered periodic urinary tract infections that were treated with standard antibiotics.  However, a UTI that began about seven months ago would not go away completely, despite my being on antibiotics for five months straight.  At that point, I had the UTM test performed by Soft Cell Labs.  It detected E. coli and Enterococcus, for which I had been treated previously, but also Staphylococcus, which had never been detected by culture tests.  With that information, my urologist prescribed an antibiotic specific for Staph.  Within one week, I began to feel better.  I have been symptom-free for two months and feel the best I have felt in a full year.”

UTI Testing Made Easy

The Soft Cell Laboratories urinary tract microbiome test is a comprehensive test that gives an in-depth analysis of urinary tract health.

Schedule a UTI Test

Due to this being a new test, it is only available through a provider. To get things scheduled, you can reach us by phone, email, or the form with the button below. 

Collect a Sample and Ship

When you receive your package, you will need to collect a sample and then return it via mail. Please read the instructions found below for further information. 

Wait for Results

Once we receive your sample, we will process the information within 48 hours. Please ensure that you have paid for your test as well, as we cannot process your sample unless payment has been received. 

Timely, Cost-Effective, and Reliable Test Answers

Soft Cell Laboratories specializes in unique, high-complexity testing for fast, accurate results. With these answers, physicians are better able to identify the appropriate treatment plan for their patients. 

Fast Turnaround Time

Typically within 48 hours of sample receipt

100% Accuracy

Specificity of 99.59% compared to the traditional urine culture

Tailor Medicine

Provides primary physicians with the ability to tailor medication to specific organisms

Reduces Infection

Reduces the progression of infection and the chance of hospitalization

No Overprescribing

Eliminates empirically treating and overprescribing antibiotics

Easy to Read

Simple, concise, and right-to-the-point reports for what matters most

The First Step Toward Relief

Far too many patients go too long with unresolved urinary tract infections (UTI). That’s why we worked with leading-edge experts to develop a unique test that can check for a wide array of organisms that may complicate treatment. 



1 out of 5 women with UTIs are misdiagnosed.

25–44% of women experience recurring UTIs annually.

UTIs cause more than 8.1 million visits to health care providers each year.